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International Runners Decathlon

Welcome to ...

... the homepage of International Runners Decathlon.

We are still looking for an organizer for the International Runners Decathlon 2020!

Preconditions for organizers:
  • Stadium with tartan track and 6 lanes if possible
  • Sanitary facilities: Changing rooms, showers, toilets
  • Covered stand (or something like this) to have protection from rain or sun
  • Electronically time measurement with precision of 1/100 seconds
  • Fast EDP equipment (Computer, printer, copier)
  • Ensured financing: In Germany you must calculate with approximately 10,000 Euros for this event.
  • Place for the sportsmen party
  • Enough accommodations
  • An active team (with at least one L10K participant if possible)
Applications: If you want ot organize the Runners Decathlon please contact the webmaster.
  Of course I help you as good as I can.
60 m 1500 m 400 m 100 m 3000 m
800 m 200 m 5000 m 1000 m 10000 m
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