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Uwe Warmuth Uwe Warmuth
Telephone: +49 351 47 222 79


These webpages are private webpages of Uwe Warmuth with the Runners Decathlon as theme.


I am the webmaster of the following webpages:

I am not responsible for linked webpages on other domains than these. At the time of Linking I have checked the pages and I did not found any outlaw stuff.

If you find outlaw stuff on the linked webpages, please tell me these pages and I will remove the link as soon as possible.


The used photos were given for publishing by the participants or by their supporters. No one gets some money for the pictures, neither the photographer nor the photographed persons. Who disagrees with the publishing of themes photos tells me the L10K year and the picture number. I will remove the pictures as soon as possible.

Translated to Czech by

Martina Moser, Jan Milas

Translated to French by

Uwe Warmuth with support of Matthieu Anatrella

Translated to Dutch by

Roelof de Vries

L10K icon

The L10K sign can be used for all themes of the Runners Decathlon. A use of the sign outside of Runners Decathlon is forbidden. For printed media (flyers, diplomas, posters ...) I can give you the sign in different sizes. The L10K sign was designed by Uwe Warmuth. The organizer can use the sign to create an own L10K sign. The basics characteristics of the sign must be kept.

Organisation of International Runners Decathlons

Only the local organizer team is responsible for the executing of a Runners Decathlon and the financing.

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